Is There Still Room for the Original Xbox?

xbox-xboxUnless you have actually been living under a rock, after that you have heard about the Xbox 360, the mom of all video game systems … well other than the Playstation 3 in addition to the Nintendo box currently code-named “Revolution.” Anyway, the Xbox 360 has more than 25 or so titles to pick from. If you have actually seen the games in action  you understand exactly how effective this newer system is when compared with the initial Xbox or any other game console presently offered. The games are nothing short of gorgeous.  And finally you have the compatibility of the 360 that enables you to play most the initial Xbox video games.

Currently having said all this, one would think that the life span of the initial Xbox is brief at ideal. Yet is this actually the situation? Let’s consider a couple of more details.

At this point the deficiency of the 360 is driving the rate at locations like Amazon and Ebay through the roof. I have actually seen prices as high as $1500 for some package deals. Also if you obtain one for the market price, it’s still 3 times greater then the initial Xbox, which is currently normally in the reduced hundreds. However the largest factor the Xbox will certainly not go away quietly is the same reason the Playstation 2 is still going strong … the video games. Individuals who’ve been buying and trading games for years currently are not going to upgrade their system immediately. A minimum of quite a while. Yet even if they do, all one has to do is consider the success of the GameBoy and Playstation 2 and also the commitment of their customers. Video game designers still make ready these consoles since they still market like hot cakes. It actually is everything about the video games. Its the primary factor you see Xbox free gifts, and the factor Microsoft takes a loss with every system they market … or so they state.

So while the Xbox 360 could be the large boy on the block today, do not cross out the initial Xbox right now. It’ll be around for some time as well as the best could be yet ahead!