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How To Throw An Xbox Minecraft Party

If you have kids and haven’t heard of Minecraft you might be living under a rock.

My daughter asked me if we could have a Minecraft birthday party.  Huh? What happened to Disney and princesses and American Girl Doll parties. We’ve done a couple of them now. This picture is from one of our friend’s party!

Well if you are interested here are some ideas:

1. Food

As you can imagine anything cubed is in.  We had lots of sweets. Rice Crispy Treats were very easy and a huge hit. We also had brownie squares with green frosting for grass.  We had to try a couple of times but water cubes made from blue Jello was awesome.  We cubed watermelon for something on the healthy side.

  • We used pretzel sticks for torches and match sticks.  We used red frosting for fire.
  • We used rock candy for minerals
  • Carrots and apples
  • White shredded cheese for wool
  • Carmel squares for sand
  • Lastly, pizza cut into you guessed it … squares!

2. Drinks

  • We removed the labels off of water bottles and filled them with green Gatorade.  Them we made our own “Creeper Juice” labels.  I found small water bottle labels on the web and then used MS Word to create a design that worked perfectly for our party!


3. Decorations

  • I get crazy when it comes to decorating. I got some wrapping paper for gifts and suddenly the idea hit me.  Why not buy more wrapping paper and warp some old cardboard boxes I had laying around. Easy right?
  • I also purchased a few swords, and shovels.

4. Games

  • You guessed it MINECRAFT on our Xbox and on every spare Iphone we could find.

5. Favors

  • I got green gift bags from Party City and black tape from my husband’s tool box. I used the tape in strips and squares to make Creepers.  They were a big hit.
  • Inside I found a bunch of Minecraft toys online and put them in the favor bags with some of the leftover Rice Crispy Treats.

We had a great time.  The only thing that wasn’t great were my carpets afterward!  Yikes. I guess that is what you get for having twenty-five 8 year olds at your house for a gaming party.  Thank goodness I have a trusted carpet cleaner  Make sure you have one lined up before attempting a party like this at your home.